Random Tuesday Thoughts: Coffee, Tea and Me

Being a trombone player is the reasoning behind Ed’s frequent use of Chap Stick. He needs to keep his lips supple, you know. As I was in the bathroom putting on makeup one morning, Lily says, “Daddy uses lipstick, too!”

One of my pet peeves is the phrase “Chai Tea Latte.” Chai means tea. So when I order a Chai Tea Latte, I’m ordering a Tea Tea Latte. Come on, Starbucks, you’re already pretentious with the tall, grande and venti sizes…why not just call it Chai Latte? Once I ordered a Caffe Latte by mistake…what? I was in a hurry! I was very disappointed with that first sip.

We have been getting a lot of snow flurries lately. One morning we were driving to the library, and the sun was shining during the flurry. Lily asked why the snow didn’t look very white, and we talked about how it looked sparkly instead. Thinking this was so cute, that night at dinner, I asked her to tell Daddy what the snow looked like. She said, “Poop.”

Yes, Lily is fascinated with the word poop. She will now stick it into conversation anyway she can. I thought having girls would spare me this fascination, but I was wrong. (sigh)

I love the movie Working Girl. Melanie Griffith was OK, but I loved Joan Cusack! The mile-high hair, the New York accent, the way she says, “Coffee? Tea? Me?” to Harrison Ford. In Pretty Woman, I loved Laura San Giacomo as Kit. Not so much for what she says, but for what she does with her gum in the hotel lobby while waiting for Julia Roberts. Classic! Those are movies I just can’t turn off when I see them on TV, no matter how many times I’ve seen them already.

My sister and I watched Foul Play every time it was on TV. We thought Dudley Moore was hysterical. We also felt like the only kids in the WORLD whose parents wouldn’t buy a VCR, and so all the movies we saw at home were edited and filled with commercials. Imagine our surprise when we rented Foul Play, and found out the old ladies playing Scrabble were using dirty words!

Want more? Go to The Un-Mom for lots of random! I think I read the word “poop” in her post, too!


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