What to Name Your Pet and Other Random Thoughts

How many people name their pets after alcoholic drinks? My in-laws named their dog Brandy Alexander, and one of Ed’s friends named his dog Weiss, after the type of beer. He pronounces it with a “w” sound at the beginning, not a “v.” My cousin named her dog Arwen, from The Lord of the Rings, and I had two goldfish named Pippen and Merry, also from LOTR. One of them lived for five years. I don’t remember which one, Pippen or Merry. They were pretty nondescript. Fish have nothing to do with dogs, of course, but this is random, remember? We have a neighbor named Daisy down the street (a woman, not a dog) but across the street our neighbor’s dog is named Daisy. We have no dogs, we are not going to get a dog, no matter what! I have enough wildlife pooping in my backyard without adding dog poop. Speaking of poop, we also have a neighbor who owns a “Poop B’ Gone” business. Their motto: “Your dog’s business is our business!”

These random thoughts are part of Keely‘s Random Tuesday Thoughts. Check her out…she’s much better at rambling than I am!


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2 Replies to “What to Name Your Pet and Other Random Thoughts”

  1. Are you sure you don't want a dog? Because I have one I'd ship you…she's a little insane, but um……okay, she really has no redeeming qualities. I'm not good at selling this.Thanks for playing!

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