Right now, the left side of my face is red and bumpy. I volunteered to go outside last night to shovel snow. The snow was light and powdery and I like being outside in the winter. Unfortunately, my skin does not. I look like a teenager with a bad case of acne. Except not as youthful. I should slather on moisturizer before I go out in the winter, but I never think about it until the next day when my face turns beet red.

Ed has extremely sensitive skin, too, and so Lily was destined to have delicate skin as well. Her ballet teacher stamps the dancers’ hands with ink when they follow directions, and they love getting a star on their hands. But Lily’s hands break out in a red rash the next day. I need to talk to the ballet teacher and suggest something different. I don’t want Lily to feel left out, but her hands get so chapped. Maybe I could try a non-toxic ink pad and give it to the teacher. Do you have any other suggestions?

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