Comparing Octobers

Today is a beautiful day. Crisp and clear, it’s the kind of fall day I love. The sun is filtering in through the trees in our backyard. Only the red maple in our front yard has dropped most of its leaves; the rest of our trees are still green. That means a lot more raking is in store for us! Ed and I both love our willow tree in the backyard. It is one of the reasons we bought our house. I took this picture this morning.

My cousin KE emailed me some pictures of her backyard this October. She has an awesome camera. Here’s just one of the pictures she sent me. Her girls had enough snow to build a snowman. I’m glad they were inside before these visitors came.

They live in Alaska. I have only been up there twice, and I really want to take Ed and the girls up for a visit. I’d like the girls to be a little bit older, though, so they will remember some of our trip. I’m wishfully thinking that the airline prices will go down. That’s not going to happen, is it?

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