Big Blue and All My Hats

She was looking at us from behind a large blue poster board as we streamed into the reception area. “Excuse me! Can someone help me?” I did a second take and went over to her. All she wanted was for someone to take her picture next to her Voices of the Year poster. After I took her picture, I begged her to take my picture, even though I didn’t know where my own poster was. I turned around, and I saw “Ginny Marie” right next to hers! I wish I had taken the time to see what her name was, since she took this great picture of me below.

Thank you to my fellow YOTY honoree...where ever you are!
Thank you to my fellow YOTY honoree…where ever you are!

I just loved reading all these BIG BLUE posters! I spent a lot of time standing in front of them. I was determined not to run away to my hotel room too soon! (Mostly because I didn’t know that many people…but I did run into Ellen and Erin from The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms. They are great!) One of the things I noticed about of these honored posts is that they were printed, word for word, onto the posters. Many of them included a QUESTION at the end…but there was no place to leave a comment. Reader comments…just one of the reasons I keep on blogging!

Going to BlogHer makes me want to type my heart out and share everything I learned while I was there. However, there are only so many hours in the day and I really need my sleep. After wearing my Blogger Hat, I put on my Mommy Hat and threw a kitty party for 26 little girls and 1 little boy. Emmy turned six last week! This morning, I’m putting on my VBS Hat, and am going to welcome 60 kids to our church this morning.

What hats are you wearing this summer?


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