And You Thought I Had Given Up on Knitting (Travel Tip Thursday!)

I am one of those unfortunate people who suffers from motion sickness. I get queasy on boats, planes, and cars. I’m always the person who insists on sitting in the front of the bus–the back is too bumpy! I do a lot of the driving on our road trips because firstly, I love to drive, and secondly, I’m less likely to toss my cookies.

Before Ed and I had our daughters, I would drive and Ed would read the crossword puzzles out loud for us to solve together. Unfortunately, the girls aren’t very tolerant of this way to pass the time while driving.

I also can’t read in the car without getting nauseous. I can read on a train; I can read on a plane…but a car? I turn green.

To help the girls pass the time on a long car trip, we borrow books on CD from the library. I hold up the book so that they can see the pictures while we play the CD.

This past February, I discovered something I could do in the car without getting motion sick; I can knit!

I started this scarf to learn some new knitting skills; I learning how to switch between knitting and purling in the same row, and I learned how to change yarn colors in my knitting.

It’s hard to tell from this picture;
this scarf is made from three different shades of blue.
Do you think I’ll finish it in time for winter?

What do you do to pass the time while traveling?

Do you have a tip to help me with my motion sickness?


Happy Travels!