Twenty Things I Learned from Netflix

20 things I learned

You may have heard that I got a new flatscreen TV for my birthday after waiting (unsuccessfully) for our old tube TV to break. So as soon as we unpacked the box and set it up, I hooked myself up for a free month of Netflix. I learned so much just by watching TV in February!

1. The Walking Dead is on Netflix!
2. Battlestar Galactica is on Netflix!
3. The only way to kill zombies is through the head.
4. The only way to kill Cylons is through the head.
5. Supplies are hard to get after a zombie apocalypse.
6. Supplies are hard to come by after Cylons destroyed human civilization.
7. There are more zombies than humans.
8. There are more Cylons than humans.
9. Zombies freak me out!
10. Cylons really freak me out!
11. Running from zombies ages you.
12. Running from Cylons ages you.
13. Zombies are easy to spot. After all, they’re dead.
14. Cylons are easy to spot. After all, they’re robots…
15. Unless of course, they are Cylons who look like humans.
16. Zombies’ nicknames are Walkers or Biters.
17. Cylons’ nicknames are Toasters.
18. Bear McCreary wrote the music for The Walking Dead.
19. Bear McCreary wrote the music for Battlestar Galactica.
20. After staying up late watching TV, I can totally survive with only 4 hours of sleep. Yes, I can.

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Laundry’s Gettin’ Done {Spin Cycle}

The wind is howling outside my windows and ice is clattering on the roof. February is such a short month, and yet sometimes it seems liked the longest month of the year. In the Midwest, we get a couple of warm days just to remind us what Spring is like, and then BOOM! The cold and snow settles back in again. I need an escape! I don’t have the money or the time for a Caribbean cruise or a trip to somewhere warm, however; my escape has to be more practical.

Ed and I are both frugal people; when we decided that I would leave my full time job we knew that we could have to do without some things. We don’t have cable or satellite TV since we live close enough to Chicago to get all the network stations for free. Ed bought a nice 27″ TV right before we started dating. In my little apartment, I only had a small 13″ TV. Ed’s TV seemed so big to me when we were hanging out at his place!

But now, flat screen TVs make Ed’s TV look ridiculously small. We kept waiting for Ed’s TV to die on us, but that old clunker kept right on giving us a great picture. So we hung on to it for a while longer.

Finally, however, I decided I wanted something just a little nicer. On my birthday, Ed and I went shopping for a new TV. We bought a 40″ Smart TV!

Now Ed and I have very different TV watching styles. He can only sit still for about 30 minutes. I could watch TV all day long. He likes comedy; I like dramas. He likes baseball, I do not. So when it comes to watching TV, I have some shows that I watch on my own. He’s not allowed in the room while I’m watching The Good Wife, because he’ll criticize something about the show and make me mad. I watch Revolution on Thursdays, when Ed is at work and the girls are at school. I need something to do while I fold the laundry, right? But right now, both shows are on a break! What else can I do during laundry folding time?

With my new Smart TV, I now have a subscription to Netflix. And I have found my escape there. It’s not the escape you might think it is, since I watch other people desperately trying to escape some horrible things. Oh, yes, I’m watching people run away from zombies, or as they are referred to in The Walking Dead, “walkers.” There’s something just so fascinating about watching the end of the world as we know it. Who survives? Would I survive? (I can be fierce, you know. Just ask that lady that cut me off in the school drop off line!) I would be so revolted by zombie’s body parts falling off that I wouldn’t last long in a zombie world. But I love watching zombie smashing on television!

philosophical zombies

In fact, I’ve gotten so obsessed with watching the zombie apocalypse that I have gotten more laundry washed and actually folded in February than I did in the whole year of 2013. I tore though season 1 and 2 like they were nothing. I’m almost to the end of season 3. And then, my time with The Walking Dead will end for a while. Season 4 is on AMC, but alas, I don’t get AMC! What am I going to do? (You know there’s a big cliffhanger at the end of season 3, right?)

The only solution is to get hooked on a different show. What should I escape with next? Battlestar Galactica? (I loved the show in the 80’s…will I like the new version?) Torchwood? Firefly?

The laundry must get done!

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What’s your escape? Link it up below or tell us in the comments! Then come back on Monday to read next week’s Spin Cycle Prompt!