How I Spent My Summer Vacation {Spin Cycle}

How could summer possibly be over? Every year, June, July and August just seem to fly by. I want more time by the pool soaking in the sun! I need more picnics! More cookouts! Why does summer have to be over?

It happens every year, doesn’t it. So here is a recap of how I spent my summer vacation.

In June

We traveled to Alaska to visit my aunt and went sightseeing. We did some…

In July

It was hot. Very hot. Hot, hot, hot. So we went swimming.

Lily Fish

In August

My sister Heather had two gallery openings in August that we were able to attend.

Lily contemplating her Aunt Heather’s art.
Emmy, on the other hand, couldn’t stand still for very long.

This synopsis of our summer brought to you by the Spin Cycle, courtesy of the lovely Gretchen of Second Blooming.

Second Blooming


Little Fishes

It has been a hot, hot summer. Every year we buy a pool pass for our park district pool, and this summer we have really taken advantage of having a pool just down the street from us. Lily and Emmy have really become little fishes!

Lily Fish

Lily has really been practicing her water tricks. She has perfected the underwater back flip:

(Be sure to watch the video on Lemon Drop Pie…it may not show up in a reader or email!)

This is a summer of “firsts” in the pool for the girls. Lily has always loved water slides, but at the water parks we’ve been to, they end in shallow water. At our neighborhood pool, the slides go into 12 feet of water. Quite a difference!

Lily going down the water slide

Emmy has wisely decided not to go down the slides until next summer. This is the first summer, however, that she has voluntarily put her head under water. She is jumping in and swimming, doing back floats and front floats. Yay for Emmy!

Emmy jumping in the pool!

Today is rainy and cool. Not a pool day. But hopefully, we will be able to have a few more pool days before school starts!

Have you been swimming this summer? Where’s your favorite place to swim?