Little Squirrel and Little Goosey

Ah, Saturday. It’s like the Death Valley of the blogosphere. Not very many people publish blog posts on a Saturday, and there are even fewer blog readers. But here I am, typing my heart out for NaBloPoMo. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. I’ll tell you a story about stories.

Lily and Emmy love to listen to stories. Not just stories from a book, but stories that Ed and I make up. We each have our own character that we have developed over time. Ed’s stories are about Little Squirrel. My stories are about Little Goosey. Amazingly, when the girls beg one of us to tell a story, the character’s day mirrors our own day. For example, on the day that we visited the pumpkin farm, LITTLE GOOSEY WAS THERE, TOO! I know, the coincidence just floors me.

While we don’t actually see Little Goosey very often, we spot Little Squirrel all the time. She lives in our yard, along with her friends Chippy and Little Squirrelita. Little Squirrel also likes to travel. She hops on top of our minivan when we go visit Grandpa, and she even went with us to ride roller coasters at Great America. She’s a very bold little squirrel.

So bold, in fact, that she will come up on our front porch to eat our pumpkins.

View video here.

Lily and Emmy have asked me why I talk so funny to Little Squirrel. I do talk baby talk to her, I guess. But she’s just so darn cute! As long as she stays outside, that is.

Little Goosey prefers the pond to our yard. That’s why we don’t see her very often. The pond is across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts, so I would imagine she also goes there quite a bit. She just can’t resist a pumpkin donut in the Fall! Can you believe that she flew all the way up to Alaska with us? She looked rather silly sitting in the airplane seat, but her wings were just not up to that long distance flight. She is still quite young and her wing feathers are fairly new, you see.

Now that you’ve been officially introduced to two other “family members,” they just might stop by Lemon Drop Pie again!


NaBloPoMo November 2012

Do you tell stories to your kids, or remember stories you were told when you were little?