Tips and Tricks: Eyeliner

When I was in high school, I avoided using the bathrooms that had a cloud of smoke come out when you opened the door. I never did figure out how those girls got away with smoking in the girls’ room, but those girls had a secret weapon I didn’t have: lighters. Lighters were not only useful for smoking, but also for applying smooth and thick eyeliner.

I don’t wear much eyeliner, but every once in a while I like to put a little around my eyes. Using a lighter, however, just isn’t practical. I don’t remember where I read this simple trick. It’s so easy I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before!

Easy Eyeliner Trick

Use your hair dryer to soften your eyeliner! It works beautifully, and there’s no risk of getting a detention.

Are there any other easy make-up tricks I’m missing? Did you already know the hair dryer trick? Tell me in the comments below!

(By the way, a hair dryer also removes the fog from the mirror after a steamy shower–but I bet you knew that trick already.)


Our Favorite Hangout

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I have a Chili’s gift card burning a hole in my wallet. On Saturday, we took my brother-in-law to the airport, and I thought it would be fun to go to Chili’s right by the airport. The parking lot looked full, so I ran in to check the wait time–an hour and a half! Ed said he had a better idea, and I knew what it was as soon as he said it.

We were going to Countryside.

Countryside Saloon used to be our place. Ed and I spent every weekend at Countryside before we had kids. It was were we would just talk and talk over a couple of beers and a pizza. The thin crust pizza is so crisp and the edges are burnt just a tiny little bit. All their other food is just as good as the pizza. During the long summer evenings, we would sit out on the deck and relax after a long week.

We don’t go to Countryside very often these days. When we do, we still order a pizza and beer. We also add a couple of lemonades to our order. Ed and I don’t get to talk as much as we used to. There are two little ones competing for our attention. We don’t mind, though. The girls love Countryside pizza as much as we do.

Do you have a place where you love to hang out?

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